Can Cats and Dogs Mate? Fact Check

Ever wondered what a Cat and a dog fusion would look like? A pair of winged grey eyes or a pair of appealing round one? Will it meow, or will it bark? Will it scratch, or will it bite?

Scientists have been trying to answer this question for years as of today and yet failed to provide the answer. Researchers have worked hard on finding out what crossbreeds of our favorite animals would look like.

Multiple experiments have tried to produce new beings by mutating the genetic structure of two animals. This type of crossbreeding is called Kopties. For example, a donkey and a female horse produce a mule. A tiger and lioness make tigon. A lion and tigress produce liger.

Similarly, a cat and a dog are called Cat-Dog. Alteration in the DNA had made it believable that science has been successful in making this possible, but practically its longevity and feasibility is still in question.

First we look into the nature, genetic feature, physical and psychological structure of both cat and dog. Then we will find out the differences between two species. Finally try to find out the reasons why it is possible and why it is not. Lastly, we talk about the other alternative available today.

We also have fun and talk about fiction around this question. We know imagination makes the possibility and research makes it reality. Let’s talk about both.

Differences Between Cat and Dog Genetically and scientifically:





Belong to Felidae Family

Belong to Canidae Family


Ancient Egypt

Europe, Central Asia, Middle East Asia


20,000 genes

19,000 genes

Total species



Crude birth rate

11.2/100 in HHS

111.4/100 in HHS

Life expectancy

2-16 years

10-13 years





Shy, playful, inquisitive

Curious, chase-proneness, social





Applicable for purebreds only

Applicable for purebreds only

Cat's Genetics and Breeding Pattern:

Cats and dogs belong to Felidae and Canidae families. The genus is Canis for cats and Felis for dogs.

Interestingly, both of them have a total of 78 chromosomes but due to their psychological difference, it is impossible for a cat and a dog to mate. Cats and dogs cannot physically produce offspring except for genetic mutation.

A lot of these genetic mutations have given off results that were not convincing enough to establish this new breed. Scientists have come to a conclusion after several experiments that breeding between cats and dogs is unfeasible.

A cat has behavioral changes like loud, distinctive and quite uncontrollable when at heat. They seek attention, love and adoration. They like to rub against other cats or the feet of the owner and purr. Sometimes they are found to meow loudly in the middle of the night expressing rebellion against their confinement.

Cats are reflex ovulators, meaning they can respond to an extrinsic stimulus only. A female cat has a gestation period of about 2 months and can give birth to as much as 5 litters.

Cat breeding usually starts off in March and September in the Northern hemisphere and from September to March in the Southern hemisphere.

A pregnant cat is characteristically lethargic and ill-looking. They have pinking around their nipple and have a distended abdomen. There are 36 different breeds of cats but their general reproductive characteristic is similar.

Genetics and Breeding Pattern of Dog:

On the other side, dogs are more of a dominant kind due to their obnoxious excitement. A male dog is seen to mount over cushions, men’s leg at its time of heat.

A female dog begins to heat from the age of 6-12 months. Dogs have gestational period of about 58-68 days and can litter up to 3-4 litters. Their traits at heat are mounting at cushions, wobbling of tail, humping at soft toys or lower animals.

Breeding affects a dog both mentally and physically. Research proves significant mental changes in female dogs after it has given birth to its young ones. It will become more protective, aware and conscious basically increased motherly instincts.

Inbreeding of purebred dogs is a cruel act. The physical effects include crippling hip dysplasia, blindness, deafness, skin problem etc. It triggers the mentioned physical problems along with severe pain and trauma. The dogs become dysfunctional after a few attempts and can subject to death. Let's see what happen if idog and cat mutation is done artificially in labratory.

Let’s talk a little about development and research about Cat and Dog crossbreed:

DNA Sample Testing:

Dog DNA Test:

Canine DNA Tests can be used to detect the breeds and specific health issues for the wellbeing of the dog. The sample used here is cheek swab of the dog.

Cat DNA Test:

Basepaws- Cat DNA test Kit includes 39 genetic mutation that corresponds to 17 disease conditions like PKD, HCM, etc. that helps in determining the health status of the cat. Breed and traits can also be known. The sample used is a cat’s cheek swab

Purpose DNA Test:

Cats have been used extensively as research subjects in neurological studies, in studies of vision and hearing, and to study immunodeficiency diseases.

Dogs are often used in biomedical research investigating heart and lung disease, cancer, and orthopedics. They are also used in toxicity studies to test the safety of drugs and industrial chemicals but are rarely used to assess the safety of personal care and household products.

The many newly developed and recognized breeds of domestic cat are crossbreeds between existing, well-established breeds (sometimes with limited hybridization with some wild species), to either combine selected traits from the foundation stock, or propagate a rare mutation without excessive inbreeding.

However, some nascent breeds such as the Aegean cat are developed entirely from a local landrace population. Most experimental cat breeds are crossbreeds. A crossbred dog is a cross between two or more known breeds, and is usually distinguished from a mixed-breed dog, which has ancestry from many sources, some of which may not be known. Crossbreeds are popular due to the belief that they have increased vigor without loss of attractiveness of the dog.

The purpose of creating designer crossbreds is usually one or more of the following reasons:

  • To breed animals with heterosis, commonly known as "hybrid vigor."
  • To create animals with more predictable characteristics than mixed breed or mongrel breeding;
  • To avoid certain undesirable recessive traits that lead to genetic diseases that plague many purebred animals;
  • To develop an animal that combines what is viewed as the best traits of two or more breeds;
  • As the preliminary steps toward developing a new animal breed.

Top 10 Points Why Dog Should Not Crossbreed With Cat:

  1. Genetic differences;
  2. Distinct behavioral characteristic;
  3. Unfeasible to live;
  4. Incapable of carrying generation forward;
  5. Unethical;
  6. Increased death risks;
  7. Ill health of the cats and dogs experimented upon;
  8. Expensive;
  9. Futile result;
  10. Physical mating is impossible.

Our Thought About Cats and Dogs Crossbreeding:

Cats and Dogs don’t give babies looking like a mixture of one another. A cat with the looks of a dog or dog with that of a cat is just a fantasy. Some things are assumed to be kept the way nature has it. One or two rare creatures can be made in the laboratories, but it won’t have a future.

Fiction about Cat and Dog Crossbreeding:

In spite of the whole concept of cats and dogs breeding being unrealistic, a lot of fictional characters have developed from it. The 90s TV show “Cat-Dog” ran on a similar concept. It revolves around a cat and a dog conjoined physically. Both of them are very much different from each other. On the other hand, in Japanese Anime manga, there were some other fictional characters showing creatures called Cabbit. Cabbit is a hybrid between cat and rabbit. It has also been assumed to be a mythological character with head, ears and eye of a rabbit, and the rest of the body matches a cat.

Frequently Ask Question About Dog and Cat Breeding:

Is it possible to Crossbreed Cats and Dogs?

As much as fascinating these sounds, the breeding between cats and dogs are impossible for each of their unique characteristics. Cats and dogs are genetically two different beings. Moreover, mating them is extremely unethical and endangers their life.

Can a dog penetrate a cat?

Dogs at its heat sometime seem to mount over the cat or hump. But it is impossible for the dog to penetrate as the vaginal tract of cats is much narrower in the cats to fit dog’s penis.

As dogs cannot penetrate cats, the question of impregnating them becomes automatically non-existent. The cat’s uterus is incompatible of fertilizing the dog’s sperm. The eggs of cats and sperms of dogs are highly incompatible. Biologically, penetration two separate genus is not possible. Also, impregnation or offspring production is only possible between the same genus. Artificially, if a Cat-Dog is produced it will be sterile and cannot carry its generation forward. This makes the entire life back to square one.

What happens when a cat and a dog mate?

The answer is simple. NOTHING. Lack of ability to penetrate of the dog in the cat uterus and henceforth produce babies is absurd and unrealistic.

Can a dog and cat mate and have babies?

No, cats cannot have babies with dogs as they belong to different genus and species. It is unlikely event of a cat getting impregnated by a dog,that pregnancy will not survive because the eggs of cat and the sperms of dog are highly incompatible.

Can a cat get a dog pregnant?

Even the simple thought of a cat trying to mate with a dog is unimaginable let alone, it being capable enough to get one pregnant. The length of a female dog’s vaginal canal is 35cm whereas, an erect cat penis is 5 cm at best. That makes the cat unable to ejaculate in the dog’s uterus and get it pregnant.

Let’s Talk About what is Possible:


Crossbreeding amongst species of dogs are often seen. A "designer" dog is a cross between two purebred dogs. A purebred dog is one that has been bred over many generations to breed true, meaning each puppy that is born looks and has the same temperament and characteristics as the others.

Popular Crossbreed Amongst Dog Species:

  • Puggle: Beagle & Pug.
  • Corgipoo: Toy Poodle & Corgi.
  • Goberian: Siberian Husky & Golden Retriever.
  • Maltipoo: Poodle & Maltese.
  • Yorkipoo: Yorkshire Terrier and Miniature Poodle.
  • Peekapoo: Pekingese & Poodle.
  • Schnoodle: Schnauzer & Poodle.

Available Different Dog Crossbreeds:

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise
  • Siberian Husky and retrievers
  • chihuahua and Dachshund
  • Shih Tzu and Yorkshire terrier
  • Siberian Huskies and Pomerians

Different Types of Husky Mix:

  • Pitsky (The Strongest Husky Mix)
  • The Hug Dog (The Smallest Husky Mix)
  • Gerberian Shepsky
  •  Goberian
  • Cusky

Different Types of Golden Retriever Mix:

  • Goldendoodle.
  • Golden Mountain Dog.
  • Golden Chi.
  • Golden Collie.
  • Golden Cocker.

Different Type of Pitbull Mix:

  • Pitador.
  • Pituahua.
  • Golden Pit.
  • Pitsky.
  • Pug Pit.
  • Different Type of Poodle Mix:

    • Cavapoo
    • Schnoodle
    • Shihpoo
    • Yorkipoo
    • Goldendoodle
    •  Labradoodle

    Different Type of  Chihua Mix:

    • Chizer
    • Chion
    • Chimeranian
    • Chipaniel
    • Chibeagle
    • Chiweenie

    Best Small Dogs Crossbreed  for Families:

    • Labrradoodle,
    • Schnoodle,
    • Giberian,
    • Yorkipoo,
    • Corgipoo,
    • Maltipoo

    Let's talk About Cat Crossbreed:

    Unlike two puppies from the same litter, getting two kittens from the same litter does not cause behavioral problems. They can give off healthy offsprings. In fact, you may find that you have less behavioral problems with two kittens than you would have with one. Two kittens will play with each other and wear each other out. Popular cat crossbreeds among fellow species are

    • Savannah
    • Chausie
    • Serengti
    • Pixie Bob
    • Toyger
    • Bengal cat
    • Himalayan cat
    • Highlander cat
    • Korn Ja
    • Safaari

    Final Thought About Dog and Cat Crossbreed:

    Naturally, Dog and Cats crossbreed is not possible. Artificially genetical mutation can be made but it is not sustainable. There are lot of beautiful crossbreed available amongst species of dog. As well as not much but few cat crossbreed also available. We never demoralised the fiction. Because imagination is the mother of creativity. We neither encourage any inhumane act. This article is fully dedicted on fact check.

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