When Do Cats Stop Growing? Everything You Need To Know

When owning a kitten, you’ll want to make sure he’s well taken care of and grows into a gorgeous, healthy cat! Depending on the breed of cat and how you care for it, they grow fairly quickly, only taking a few months to see massive changes! But when do cats stop growing? You might be worried about your feline friend growing too big, or not growing at all. If you’re concerned about your cat’s growth and would like to learn more about how they grow into adulthood, then read on as I tell you about cats and how they mature. I’ll also talk about how to properly take care of your kitten or cat for them to grow healthily!

When do cats stop growing?

Unlike humans, cats grow very quickly and will stop growing once they reach adulthood, which is about a year after their birth. Some parts of their body may stop growing before then. Do note that even though your cat stops growing after he is a year old, he can still gain weight. While his bones stop growing as he turns into an adult, fat can still accumulate just as it can in humans.

Compared to many other animals, cats age quickly. Studies have shown that a year old cat is equivalent in age to a 21-year-old man. After your feline’s first birthday, one year in cat time is about four human years. So that means a 10-year-old cat would be around 56-years-old in human years!

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What do grown cats look like?

There is no precise size of a grown cat. It all depends on your cat’s breed. Some cats will continue to grow slowly even after a year, until about 18 months. Larger cat breeds will continue to grow until they reach their full size. For instance, a Maine Coon cat takes from two to four years to complete his growing stage.

You will know if your cat is fully grown by the way he acts. Once your kitten is six months old, he may become clingy due to hormonal changes. However, he will calm down after his second year, as he is now mature. Sexual maturation is different from growth. While kittens can start to mate at six to nine months old, it’s not recommended for such a young cat to get pregnant since it will be difficult for her to carry kittens. Male kittens will be able to mate and father kittens, so it’s best to neuter them or separate them from female cats around this same period.

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What to consider about your cat’s growth

There are various factors to consider regarding your cat’s growth. The first thing to research will be the particular breed your cat is so you’ll know how many months or years it takes for him to be fully grown. The next thing to consider is how you care for your cat. If you feed your cat the right food and give your furball the proper training, then he will mature and grow healthily within a year or so. If you are struggling to find a healthy food for your pet cat, Taste of the Wild Cat Food might be a good choice.


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Right Food And Proper Training Are Good For Cats Growth

Right food and proper training are good for cats growth

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The growth stages of a cat

Here’s the growth cycle of your kitten:

  1. When your kitten is only a few days old, he can’t see and weighs about four ounces. However, he quickly gains weight, until he weighs twice as much as he did when he was born!
  2. Throughout the next few weeks, your kitten will gain at least half an ounce a day. By the time your kitten is a month old, he’ll weigh between 8 to 17 ounces, which is about a pound.
  3. Your kitten begins to pick up social skills once he reaches three months old. This is also when he will lose his baby teeth and reach sexual maturity. He’ll start to explore and may even challenge older cats if you have one!
  4. After six months, he may either calm down or stay rowdy, depending on his hormone balance.
  5. Once he is a year old, he’ll be a fully grown adult cat!
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How to take care of your cat properly

Now that you know how your cat grows, the next question is how to properly take care of him. Here are some tips to keep your cat growing healthy and robust:

Feed him right

Good food is the most important part of his health. You’ll need to make sure he eats an adequate amount of the right food three times a day, since proper feeding ensures healthy growth without problems.

Regular checkups

Always check your cat’s weight and overall health with a professional and be sure to keep him up to date with his vaccines and medicine. Unless you are planning on breeding your cat, it is a good idea to neuter male cats after he shows signs of sexual maturity.


Make sure to train your cat to become socially active and housebroken. You can either do this yourself or enroll him in an obedience school.

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In conclusion

If you’re wondering when your cat will stop growing, you now know that it will depend on many factors. But in general, it takes about a year for your kitten to mature into an adult! To help your cat grow in both mind and body, proper training, care, and love is needed.

I hope that this article has answered your questions about your cat’s growth from a kitten into a proud adult! So what are you waiting for? If you want to make sure your kitten grows right, then follow these tips and make sure to document his growth! If you have any questions or want to share your experiences, then comment below. I would love to hear what you think.

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